Wot a load of shit


Work is shit. Society is shit. The news is shit. Media is shit. Politics is shit. Politicians are pedophiles. The weather is shit. Immigration is shit. Nhs is shit. Religion is a shit invention for shit stupid people gone horribly shit. Human rights is a load of old shit. Tax is shit. The so called laws in the uk are complete shit. Benefits are shit abused by shits. David camerons a shit greasy headed twat shit. The banks are corrupt shit full of shit heads. This country is shit!


Wot a load of old shit. Xmas eve is shit. Xmas day is shit. Boxing day is shit. Santa is a shit obese pedophile. Reindeer are shit. Presents are shit. Xmas trees are shit. Decorations are shit. Mariah Carey is shit. Noddy holders a pedophile. Wizard.. definitely a pedophile. George michaels a pedophile. Snowmen are shit. Snows shit but doesn't even happen at Xmas coz global warming is shit. Quality street and peanuts are shit. Xmas cards are a shit waste of trees. Midnight mass is shit. Jesus is shit. Elvs are shit. Bells are shit. Fairies are shit. Turkeys are shit. Xmas crackers are superiorly shit. Carols are shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit!

I am however partial to glass of bailys this time of year!

Christmas poem by
Mat Wyton

All Images © Mick Morley